Australian Government response to the Environment and Communications References Committee report: Game on: more than playing around

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The Australian Government notes the report by the Environment and Communications References Committee (the Committee) Game on: more than playing around.

The Government has also responded to the Senate Economics References Committee’s report on the Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System. In its response, the Government has outlined a range of measures that are being developed or enhanced to support a more innovative and entrepreneurial Australia through the National Science and Innovation Agenda (NISA).

The Australian Government’s vision for the future is a strong, dynamic and digitally sophisticated economy. The games development industry is inherently innovative and entrepreneurial, and can be a strong contributor to Australia’s knowledge economy.

The report of the Committee into the future of Australia’s video game development industry was released in April 2016.

Of the eight Committee recommendations, most are noted, one is not supported and one is supported in principle.

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