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Systemic innovation in the Australian VET system: country case study report

5 Mar 2009

The aim is to analyse innovation systems and strategies in vocational education and training by bringing together evidence of the drivers for systemic innovation in six different countries (Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Mexico and Switzerland). All countries participating in the study have selected two or three case studies of innovations in VET for in-depth analysis by the expert team. The following is a list of issues that the study focuses on in particular:
How countries go about innovation;
The processes involved, leadership and the relationships between the main actors;
The knowledge base that is drawn on; and
The procedures and criteria for assessing progress and outcomes.

The three case studies are: a) research and statistics in VET with a focus on the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER); b) raising the status of VET; and c) the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

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