Mitochondrial donation is a reproductive technology procedure to reduce the chances of a woman passing on mitochondrial disease—a potentially life-threatening condition—to her children.

Mitochondrial donation was legalised for use on humans in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2015. The UK is the only jurisdiction in the world that has legalised mitochondrial donation for clinical application, and to date, no children have been born using this process in the UK. Since then, there have been discussions in the Australian scientific and medical communities about the possibility of this technique being made legal for clinical practice in Australia.

This report looks at the science of mitochondrial donation, the safety and efficacy on the technique as well as the ethical considerations of such technology, and evaluates whether the Australian Government should consider making mitochondrial donation available within Australia, and if so, under what kind of regulatory regime.

The report uses information provided in the course of this inquiry, and also relies on the significant body of evidence gathered during the 12 year process to evaluate and ultimately legalise mitochondrial donation in the UK.

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