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National regional, rural and remote education strategy framing paper

20 Dec 2018

The Minister for Education has appointed an Expert Advisory Group with expertise and understanding of regional communities’ needs, education and training, economic development and industry engagement.

The Terms of Reference for the Expert Advisory Group are to:

  • build on the work of the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education and investigate the need for a commissioner to oversee the implementation of the Strategy
  • identify strategies and policies for the Australian Government to put in place to bring the attainment rate of regional, rural and remote students to parity with students from metropolitan areas
  • examine the literature and research on aspiration, access and success for regional students and the barriers to access to tertiary education facing people in regional Australia
  • leverage research undertaken on the provision of tertiary education in regional Australia and the support services provided to regional, rural and remote students at university
  • consider the current policy options supported by the Government, including student income support as well as the opportunities presented by the Regional Study Hubs Program
  • recommend how current and potential new approaches should be best combined as a coherent suite of policy responses to address issues particular to a region, to deliver improved higher education outcomes to students in regional, rural and remote Australia
  • recommend a target for regional, rural and remote education outcomes.

The Expert Advisory Group will engage with selected stakeholders including national peak professional organisations, education authorities, universities and vocational education and training (VET) providers. These consultations will inform the development of an interim report, due end of March 2019, and a final report due end of June 2019. The final report will make priority recommendations, and put forward a Strategy for action over the longer term.

This Framing Paper is the first step in developing the Strategy. The purpose of this paper is to highlight areas the Expert Advisory Group plans to focus on and to draw out practical policy suggestions.

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