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Australian Communications and Media Authority: communications report 2017–18

15 Feb 2019

Scope and structure of the report

The communications report comprises four chapters:

Chapter 1: Supply and access to communications and media services—analyses key supply-side developments in the Australian communications and media markets during 2017–18. With a focus on supply, it details the number of carriers, CSPs and services in operation; developments with rollouts of communications infrastructure; and the delivery of communications and media services.

Chapter 2: Consumer engagement with communications and media—examines consumer engagement with communications and media services and the benefits derived from these services. It notes changing consumer preferences and reports on current levels of consumer satisfaction with communications services.

Chapter 3: National interest issues—outlines the performance of emergency call services, the cost of maintaining both communications interception capabilities and the disclosure of customer information to support law enforcement and national security investigations.

Chapter 4: Telecommunications consumer safeguards and quality of service—reports on the performance of key communications safeguards, including the Telecommunications Customer Service Guarantee Standard 2011 (CSG Standard), priority assistance, the Network Reliability Framework and the Do Not Call Register (DNCR). It also looks at related unwanted communications rules covering telemarketing and spam complaints, number portability code compliance and complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)

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