Ten months ago, the APS Review Panel began the independent review of the Australian Public Service (APS). Our instruction was to ensure the APS is fit for purpose in the decades ahead.

As Australia faces new challenges and change, more than ever we need a public service that is united, trusted and focused on the people it serves. We need the APS to provide stability and surety, to promote the wellbeing of all Australians, and to support successive governments in navigating future challenges – whether this is tackling entrenched disadvantage, harnessing the technological revolution to make lives better for all Australians, or defending Australia’s security and economic interests in a less stable world. In short, this means investing in the APS and setting it up to succeed – not for its own sake but for Australia’s.

This report reflects what we have learned and what changes we believe are needed to build an APS that is fit for the future. Part I summarises our approach and our understanding of the APS today, the challenges and opportunities it is facing, and our aspiration for the APS’s transformation.

Part II sets out our current thinking on the priorities for change, and some of the initiatives we are considering to help deliver this change.

This report presents our current view – both what we think and what we’re still exploring. We were not asked to publish our interim findings, but we believe it is only through testing our thinking, openly and iteratively, that we will come to the best answers – robust, implementable recommendations that achieve the desired outcomes for the APS.

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