Four in five Australians support a Federal Integrity Commission and 76% agree it should have the ability to hold public hearings, according to new research from the Australia Institute.

The Australia Institute polled a nationally representative sample of 1,536 Australians about levels of trust in Federal Parliament, their support for a Federal Integrity Commission, and what powers it should have.

Key findings:

  • Perceived trust in Australia’s Federal Parliament is low (67% low to very low trust), and has declined since 2017
  • Four in five (80%) Australians support the establishment of a Federal Integrity Commission, only 6% oppose
  • One Nation voters (89% total support, 44% strongly support) were the most supportive, followed by LNP voters (82% total support), ALP voters (80% total support), and Greens voters (76% total support).
  • With regard to the Integrity body’s powers, there was very strong support (>75%) for every proposal; with more than three in four voters (76%) agreeing that a Commonwealth Integrity Commission should have the ability to hold public hearings, and 81% agreeing it should be able to receive and act on whistle-blower complaints
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