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The Arts and Culture Strategic Directions Framework takes into consideration contemporary trends in culture and arts creation, consumption and participation, the need to diversify and grow revenue sources and the potential for Westerm Australia to grow its creative industries as a major contributor to the Western Australia economy.

The Strategic Directions Framework will assist with addressing the viability of arts organisations and institutions as they are confronted with ever increasing cost pressures, the need to maintain equity of access to the arts, and the long-term planning required for the development and renewal of cultural infrastructure. It needs to reflect the circumstances of the State, including its vast size, diversity, the cost of supporting arts throughout Western Australia, and the importance of Aboriginal arts and culture in both its traditional and contemporary forms.

This discussion paper is intended to provide a basis for community and sector-wide consultation and input into the Strategic Directions Framework. It outlines some of the challenges and opportunities the Arts Leadership Group has identified when considering the future of arts and culture in Western Australia. These include how Western Australia can continue to foster creativity, build capacity and audiences, provide infrastructure, expand its reach globally and harness the opportunities presented in the early 21st century in a rapidly changing cultural and social landscape.

This paper provides an insight of:

  • A snapshot of engagement and participation in Western Australia.
  • The strategic landscape.
  • Emerging themes.
  • Valuing and sustaining Aboriginal arts and cultures.
  • Increasing community access and participation.
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