The Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia (AHCSA) board and staff, along with an independent facilitator, have developed AHCSA’s strategic direction for the 2019 to 2024 period and this document was officially launched at AHCSA on 7 March 2019.  AHCSA strategic direction will be achieved through the development of the AHCSA organisational plan, the AHCSA community engagement plan and the AHCSA partnership plan.

Aboriginal health means not just the physical well-being of an individual but refers to the social, emotional and cultural well-being of the whole community in which each individual is able to achieve their full potential as a human being thereby bringing about the total well-being of their community.

Key Findings:

  • Community participation and ownership are essential if Aboriginal people are going to determine their health and well-being.
  • Data is powerful. It comes from the spirit of Aboriginal Communities and reflects their respective identity. Ownership of data, and the way it is collected and used is an important part of AHCSA's business.
  • AHCSA is uniquely placed to build upon its history leading in and creating new ways to deliver workforce support. As a registered training organisation, they will deliver quality training in flexible environments that respond to community-driven needs and on Country. They will address issues of equity and access now and into the future and strengthen communities, driven by connection to culture.
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