Where people gather online, community managers help them talk, work and trade successfully together. They assist businesses, community groups, government departments and agencies to strategically engage with their workers, audiences, consumers and publics. Community management is a largely obscure force in the digital economy, yet it has tangible influence on communication, knowledge building, intelligence gathering, risk management and innovation.

The 2019 third annual Australian Community Manager Survey was conducted by the Australian Community Managers' Network and generously supported by Higher Logic, Discourse and the University of Sydney.

The 2019 Australian Community Manager survey addresses:

  • The demographics of Australian online community managers;
  • The working conditions and contexts of Australian community managers;
  • The nature of communities that these professionals build and manage;
  • How community management is framed and integrated into Australian businesses and organisations;
  • Key challenges and concerns for community professionals; and
  • How these factors are evolving over time

Survey findings are intended as a resource for community professionals, employers, journalists, policy makers, researchers and anyone looking to understand community management practice more deeply. This year our partnership with the University of Sydney signals a broader research investment in the sector. We have studies underway into the way community managers work with major online platforms to govern the content people post, and also how artificial intelligence is being used to build and regulate community life.

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