Canberra is growing at one of the fastest rates of any capital city in Australia. Population projections indicate that our city will need to cater for more than 600,000 people by 2050. Canberra’s Living Infrastructure Plan: Cooling the City (the Plan) provides strategic direction to help our expanding and densifying metropolitan areas become better prepared for and more resilient to climate change. It identifies options and opportunities provided by living infrastructure measures to enable us to continue to enjoy the benefits of:

  • climate resilience
  • the amenities of nature
  • economic prosperity and
  • health and wellbeing

Through the ACT Planning Strategy 2018 the ACT Government has set a development target of 70% within the existing urban footprint. We recognise that urban density needs to be balanced with a natural environment, green spaces and trees.

The actions in the Plan will ensure we plan, design, construct and manage our city in a way that values, incorporates and protects natural assets. Using a continually expanding suite of living infrastructure options we can strategically and innovatively reduce our climate vulnerability and safeguard the liveability of Canberra.

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