Securing Victoria's future prosperity: a reform agenda - draft report

15 Nov 2011

This draft report has been released as part of an inquiry into the key reform areas that the State Government should target to improve productivity, labour force participation and Victoria’s overall economic competitiveness.

The release of this draft report gives interested participants the opportunity to comment on the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission’s analysis in relation to its inquiry into a state- based reform agenda. The Commission will consider comments received prior to developing and presenting the final report to government.

In preparing this draft report, the Commission invited public submissions and consulted widely with a range of individuals, businesses, organisations, government departments and local councils.

The Commission invites written submissions on the draft report. These submissions may address any of the issues covered by the terms of reference. In light of the submissions received, the Commission will hold further consultations as necessary.

At the conclusion of consultation on the draft report, the Commission will prepare a final report to be presented to the Victorian Government by 29 January 2012. The Order in Council establishing the Commission says that the Treasurer should publicly release the final report and that the Victorian Government should publicly release a response to the final report within six months of the Treasurer receiving the report.

The Commission looks forward to receiving feedback on the draft report.

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