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This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note presents summary results from two state-wide surveys conducted in 2018 by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) (formerly Family and Community Services or FACS).


  • The 2018 NSW Out-of-Home Care (OOHC) and NSW Residential Care Surveys asked children and young people about their views and experiences of care.
  • Overall, the results from the NSW OOHC Survey are encouraging with the majority of children and young people reporting positively against indicators.
  • Most children and young people in the NSW OOHC Survey reported feeling safe and settled (94.7%), feeling close to the people they were currently living with and/or to family they didn’t live with (93.7%), having at least some knowledge of their family background (96.6%), and having a significant adult that cares about what happens to them (97.8%).
  • Results reported by children and young people in the NSW Residential Care survey were poorer than those from the NSW OOHC Survey for all indicators.
  • There have been improvements for some groups of children on some indicators since 2015, the last time these surveys were conducted. Notably, young people aged 15-17 in OOHC reported significant improvement in their satisfaction with contact with family, and females in residential care were more likely to report feeling safe and settled.
  • Results from both surveys highlight policy and practice areas for further investigation and improvement, such as leaving care planning, participation in decision making and feeling listened to. Responses from the NSW Residential Care Survey reveal additional concerns about safety and contact with birth family members and friends.
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