Television equipment and antenna stock in Penrith households 2011

Housing Information technology Australia New South Wales

As the quality of digital television reception is a combination of a number of different components this study aimed to record as much detailed information about reception equipment as possible. Penrith was chosen for the study as it represents an outer metropolitan television reception area.
The Television equipment and antenna stock in Penrith households study was conducted for the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) by McNair Ingenuity Research and Australian Digital Testing (ADT). The findings from the research will assist with future technical planning of digital television services and informing consumer advice on digital television reception-related issues.
The study involved in-home audits of television set-ups and antenna systems in a random selection of 302 residential households in Penrith, NSW (postcode 2750). Research conducted in Bathurst and Orange in 2010 confirmed the utility of this methodology in providing accurate information about antenna systems. It also provided the opportunity to record additional information about television equipment to give a snapshot of the currency and suitability of television receivers being used in the home.

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