Hate-free philanthropy: identifying opportunities and obstacles to safeguard the sector

Taxation Philanthropic sector Racism Hate crime right-wing extremism United States of America

Hate groups have been exploiting the tax code to raise money through philanthropic organisations, particularly by using Donor-Advised Funds that allow donors to fund hate while gaining a tax advantage and remaining anonymous. This report summarises a convening held to begin addressing the problem.

Key recommendations:

  1. Established leadership/community foundations should reassert their role as vanguards in establishing reforms that will curtail hate-funding and steward the public discussion on philanthropy and the public good.
  2. Align donor agreements with existing hate-free and anti-discrimination policies that govern other activities.
  3. Adopt policies and establish best practices to guide peer institutions such as family foundations, religious and faith-based charities, and commercially backed charities.
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