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The document reports the findings from a government inquiry into technological change, disruption and the future of work. The report answers the following questions

  1.  What are the current and likely future impacts of technological change will be on the future of work, the workforce, labour markets, productivity and wellbeing?
  2. How can the government best position New Zealand to take advantage of innovation and technological change?

Key recommendations:

  • When designing and implementing policies to assist workers and firms to adapt to technological change, the government should broadly maintain New Zealand’s current high levels of labour-market flexibility.
  • Government should monitor relevant indicators of technology adoption and labour market change in New Zealand and internationally.
  • To support a dynamic labour market, the government should extend funding to tertiary education providers for adult students who do not intend to pursue full qualifications.
  • The government should strengthen the Tertiary Education Commission’s mandate and resource it sufficiently to lead development of quality careers advice and services for New Zealanders of all ages.




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