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This paper is the counterpart to the paper Collaborative Takt Time Planning of Non-Repetitive Work of Iris Tommelein. Both paper describe Takt approaches in two different geographical and project contexts. A follow up paper is planned and will compare the described approaches and assesses their applicability and success. This Paper describes the German Takt approach, called Technical Takt Planning and Takt Control. The authors used this method in on several projects in construction. It describes the historically development of Takt in construction in German and leads to the current state of the theoretical method used at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The third part of the paper gives a practical example of the KIT approach. The contribution of this paper is that it offers a characterization of the Takt approach that is used in Germany in several construction projects. The researchers try to give with the KIT Method an overview in science for the German Takt Planning and Takt Control approach. The method is for Takt integration in make to order production.
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