Future cohorts of senior Australians, in general, will enjoy an extended life course and face the potential of an extended productive life in their middle years.

At the same time, enhancements in technology and the opportunities of a country linked by broadband open up possibilities for older people to remain connected to family, society and workplaces, and to overcome the limitations of geographical barriers.

The combination of these two factors provides the opportunity for older Australians to continue contributing to society, to the workplace and to their own wellbeing to an extent not previously experienced.

It also provides opportunities to develop new industries tailored to providing the services and goods for a larger, actively engaged and wealthier senior market.

This second report, Realising the economic potential of senior Australians: enabling opportunity, examines four key enablers to realise these opportunities:

  1. healthy living and communities
  2. housing
  3. participation
  4. lifelong learning
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