Report of the Inquiry into the Victorian on-demand workforce

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You might have heard about a new way of providing services called the 'gig economy', also called the 'on-demand' economy. Put simply, it’s when we use technology to match people that need work done with people who want to do that work.

It has become a big part of how we live. Australians use apps or go online to have food delivered, get a ride somewhere, or book a neighbour to mow their lawns.

Some people say that the on-demand economy gives workers freedom and choice to decide how and when to work. Others suggest that it also improves services for consumers and helps businesses to reach more customers.

But there are also some concerns over whether people in the gig economy are being paid enough, whether the work is safe, or whether there are adequate protections for workers.

The Victorian Government set up the Inquiry into the On-Demand Workforce to consider all of these matters.

Over the past 18 months, the inquiry has carried out an extensive consultation process. It has analysed 94 written submissions and met with more than 200 participants, who provided valuable information and feedback.

This final report outlines the findings.

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