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Algorithm charter for Aotearoa New Zealand

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Government agencies use data to help inform, improve and deliver the services provided to people in New Zealand every day. Simple algorithms can be used to standardise business processes to ensure scarce resources are distributed equitably. More complex algorithms can be used to distil information from large or complex data sets to support human decision-making and reveal insights that could not easily be revealed by human analysis alone. These algorithms can be used to help government better understand New Zealand and New Zealanders. This knowledge helps government make good decisions and deliver services that are more effective and efficient. The use of algorithms can mitigate the risk that human biases will enter into the administration of government services and result in real benefits for everyone.

This Charter is a commitment by government agencies to carefully manage how algorithms will be used to strike the right balance between privacy and transparency, prevent unintended bias and reflect the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

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