Families in Australia Survey: life during COVID-19 - report no.3

Help and support
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This report is drawn from the Life during COVID-19 survey, which ran during the first wave of the pandemic in Australia.

During the pandemic, many people needed more help than they did before. In this report, we look at how we helped, and were helped by, our relatives, friends and neighbours, and by community groups and professionals. We explore who got the help they needed, and who didn't.

Key findings:

  • During lockdown, relatives were our leading source (from people outside of our household) of financial support and help with things such as shopping and domestic work.
  • Friends were a leading source of emotional support, and community organisations were key providers of personal care and mobility.
  • People living in cities were more likely to receive emotional support than people living in regional and remote areas. But people living in remote areas were more likely to receive physical help than people in cities and regional centres.
  • People aged 50-69 years were the most likely to give help and the least likely to receive it.
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