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Global trust in professions: who do global citizens trust?

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  • Seven in ten Australians view doctors as being the most trustworthy profession (69%)
  • Politicians viewed as the most untrustworthy profession (64%) in Australia
  • Australians have the least trust in advertising executives (8%)

Six in ten of the global public rate scientists as trustworthy and just one in ten consider them untrustworthy. The next most-trustworthy profession globally is doctors (56% trustworthy), followed by teachers (52%). Politicians are the least trusted group globally.

The Ipsos Global Trust in Professions survey, completed online by adults aged 16-74 in 22 countries including Australia, showed that while the most trustworthy profession varies across the countries covered, there is greater agreement on the professions considered to be untrustworthy. In all countries polled, politicians are seen as the most untrustworthy profession – globally, two thirds of the public consider politicians generally to be untrustworthy (67%) and almost six in ten say the same about Government Ministers (57%).

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