This report is the final component of a broader study undertaken in three phases, the first two of which are described briefly below. It looks at the experiences of the traditional trade apprentice and in doing so focuses primarily on findings from the 2019 Apprentice and Trainee Experience and Destinations Survey, with data from the 2010 survey included, where relevant, to examine changes over time. The survey allows us to investigate the experiences and outcomes of apprentices who did and those who did not complete their traditional trade apprenticeship.

Key messages:

  • Traditional trade apprentices report high levels of satisfaction with the off-the-job training they receive, irrespective of whether they complete their apprenticeship.
  • Those who do not complete a traditional trade apprenticeship predominantly cite employment-related reasons for leaving their apprenticeship, highlighting how critical the role of the employer is in supporting apprentice completion.
  • Completing a traditional trade apprenticeship results in good employment outcomes. In 2019, over 90% of traditional trade apprentices who completed their apprenticeships were employed, compared with about 75% of non-completers. Completers also fared better than non-completers in staying employed with the same employer as their apprenticeship and having a higher median annual income.
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