Victorian Climate Change Grants 2015: final report

Climate resilient recreation facilities: Hepburn Shire Council
Climate change mitigation Sporting facilities Water security Water supply Victoria

The aim of the project was to minimise the vulnerability of recreation facilities to the impacts of climate change, particularly in regard to reliance on mains water supplies in the face of increasing uncertainty around water security. The project identified innovative solutions to mitigate climate change impacts and developed a framework to implement those solutions. The implemented and proposed actions aim to enhance the financial viability of recreational facilities, in order to safeguard these valuable assets for ongoing community enjoyment and wellbeing in the face of climate change impacts.


  • Water conservations measures have been recommended over four phases. Council will budget to implement these measures and seek external funding as appropriate.
  • Install water meters on all high use sports fields
  • Investigate options to harvest stormwater in tanks or appropriate retaining basins.
  • Conduct additional water audits/analysis within sporting facility buildings
  • Conduct additional energy audits/analysis within sporting facility buildings
  • Conduct additional water and energy audits/analysis at swimming pools.
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