The crumbling Australian dream: an examination of Australia’s housing sector

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the struggles of housing affordability for too many Australians.

This report has an overarching objective – to revive the simple Australian idea that everyone should have access to affordable and safe housing. The report aims to provide some answers to four important questions:

  1. How will we make home ownership attainable for more Australians?
  2. How will we make residential rental more secure and affordable?
  3. How will we generate quality social housing in sufficient numbers to meet the demand of our most disadvantaged Australians?
  4. How will we produce a sufficient supply of crisis accommodation for Australians in urgent need?

Overall, the report argues that the Australian government must lay down a comprehensive, creative and ambitious vision for housing which fundamentally changes the game across the sector’s four critical areas – for buyers, renters, those in need, and our most disadvantaged.


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