This research report examines the global reorientation in trade and investment that is underway globally, as governments, regulators and markets around the world begin transitioning to net zero emissions, and considers what these trends mean for Australia.

As major institutions and our trade and investment partners respond to climate change and rapid transformations in the global economy occur, it makes good sense to see reducing emissions as a source of competitive advantage. The report seeks to add context and clarity as Australian policy-makers, companies and investors take their own steps to address climate change.

This report underpins the Climate Change Authority’s Paris plus: from cost to competitive advantage insights paper, and comprises three parts:

  1. Investment and Finance,
  2. International trade and climate policy, and
  3. Challenges and opportunities for Australia.

The Authority has also released the Paris plus: summary presentation. This outlines at a high level the drivers of the low emissions transition and key insights to help build Australia’s competitive advantage in a net zero world.

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