Climate action teams: international greenhouse gas mitigation

Climate Action Teams (CAT): mini-lateral cooperation to accelerate ambitious decarbonization
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Climate Action Teams (CATs) are an innovative approach under the umbrella of the Paris Agreement allowing such international cooperation while addressing concerns over environmental integrity and ambition levels. This document describes CATs

The main elements of a CAT agreement are:

  • Multi-year emissions crediting baseline that uses the host’s ambitious NDC as a starting point for negotiation about credit transfers;
  • Pre-agreed price range for payments per credit, denominated in tonne CO2e of mitigation beyond the NDC;
  • Pre-commitment of total funds available for payments for credits from partners;
  • Assessment of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation results relative to the baseline using the host’s national emissions inventory;
  • Results-based payments from the partners to the host and the transfer of credits from the host to partners;
  • Ambitious climate action and policies to bring emissions below the NDC and emissions crediting baseline;
  • Collaborative activities, technical support agreements and finance.
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