Based on a survey of almost 350 professionals, an expert roundtable discussion, and in-depth interviews with three leading risk management experts, this report examines the key challenges likely to hit next — and outlines how the risk management professional can best prepare for more rapid change. 

The report examines the key skills and attributes that risk managers will need in order to make their way to the top of their profession and lead into the future. 

The report looks at the areas likely to be driving changes to risk management in 2025 (business continuity and resilience, regulatory change and compliance, and cybersecurity) — and how these impacts will evolve by 2030 (with climate change and artificial intelligence becoming increasingly prominent).

The report also contains some important reminders for management and boards about ensuring the risk function is prioritised and well resourced (almost a third of survey respondents said their risk management functions are not very well resourced), with recent corporate crises illustrating just how dramatically companies can unravel when this is not the case.

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