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National preventive health strategy 2021-2030

Valuing health before illness: living well for longer
Health services planning Burden of disease Health equity Health services administration Preventative health Public health Australia

As the prevalence of illness and disease continues to rise, so too does the pressure on Australia's health system. Alongside chronic conditions, significant contributors to the poor health of Australians also include infectious disease, injury and trauma. In 2020, the emergence of coronavirus highlighted how important it is to have an agile health system focused on prevention. The Australian health system has had to adapt quickly during the pandemic, and all levels of government have responded by setting up a number of structural changes to the system.

There is a risk that advances made in recent decades to improve our overall health could be reversed if Australia does not increase its focus on preventive health and health promotion, especially focusing on the wider determinants of health. In order to achieve this, a systems-based approach is critical to success. Australia’s current prevention efforts need to be enhanced and strengthened in order to create long-term, sustainable improvements to the health and wellbeing of all Australians and to embed prevention across the life course. Australia already has a strong and successful health system, but we need to ensure that there is an equally strong prevention system.

This strategy aims to create a stronger and more effective prevention system, and recognises that a whole-of-government response is required at all levels. The strategy will enhance the focus on prevention, not only within the current health system, but also beyond, involving other sectors and industries that have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of Australians.


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