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First Peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this resource may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.


Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children living with disability

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When working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, it’s essential to listen to their needs and heed their hard-earned wisdom – especially when working with a child and family living with disability.

This tip sheet has been co-designed with Aboriginal families who care for children living with disability. It is primarily designed for non-Indigenous workers supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families where a child is living with disability. The information in these tip sheets comes from intergenerational wisdom, generously given to help other families and children.

There are no easy answers in this work, nor one single way of working. Instead, this tip sheet presents important themes for non-Indigenous workers to be aware of; things to think about, reflect on and be curious about.

These tip sheets focus on three domains:

  • Taking a holistic approach.
  • Culturally safe practice.
  • Working skillfully to support families.
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