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Student, whānau, staff, and school community views on what makes positive, inclusive, safe school environments where bullying is prevented and responded to
Bullying Primary education Maori New Zealand
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This report explores why some schools and kura are good at bullying prevention. The purpose of this project was to collect examples of good practice and identify the barriers and enablers schools face when seeking to create safe and inclusive environments.

Key findings:

Commonalities across the five schools and kura for success at bullying prevention:

  1. Knowing, and meeting the needs of, each student.
  2. Strong and respectful school/kura leadership, which lays the foundation for a positive school/kura culture.
  3. Commitment to tikanga and te reo Māori in the classroom, culture, and community of the school/kura.
  4. Connecting with and including whānau and the wider community in school/kura life.
  5. Valuing and celebrating staff and student diversity.
  6. Quick and effective responses to bullying incidents.


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