Policy report

The first section of this document sets out some of the UK government's achievements so far, the control they have gained and implemented, the laws they have changed or are in the process of changing, the further reviews of laws and policies influenced by their EU membership that they have started, the trade agreements and partnerships they have struck and are negotiating, and the ways in which the government has shifted the perspective from an EU-centric one to a global one.

The second section sets out how the government will reform the better regulation system, review the duties of some of the regulators and review retained EU law to give the UK the best platform to capitalise on their regulatory freedoms for the long term. Now is also the right moment to change how the UK regulates, having consulted last year on changes to the Better Regulation Framework.

The third section sets out the UK government's vision statements for the future of policy areas, processes and sectors where they are changing their approach owing to Brexit, in the areas of: science, data and technology; business and industry; infrastructure and levelling up; climate, the environment and agriculture; and a Global Britain.

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