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Measuring the circular economy: an Australian perspective

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Data is the driving force of a circular economy — it allows us to both identify problems and advance solutions. What are the impacts of our current linear system? What needs to change? What benefits could a circular economy bring? These are all questions that can only be answered by gathering and analysing the data relevant to a specific region.

Australia's governments currently lack a comprehensive framework for measuring the circular economy. This research examines this data gap and outlines strategies for improving circular economy data sets across all levels of government. The report establishes a baseline understanding of circular economy measurement in government by identifying:

  • Existing circular economy metrics
  • The potential benefits of a circular economy measurement framework
  • And strategies to progress circular economy measurement in Australia.

The research was conducted by sustainability and circular economy consultancy, Edge Environment, in collaboration with the ACE Hub.

The findings were generated through interviews with technical experts in the fields of circularity and metrics and an online survey of government representatives from the local, state and federal level. The research also shows interest in circular economy metrics is gaining traction among policy-makers in Australia. Activities taking place at the state level are referenced in the report as important first steps that could help form the basis of a national approach.

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