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Australasian cities' housing landscape and social and care infrastructures are adapting in response to rapid changes across many domains: population change and diversification; climate change and emergencies; the COVID19 pandemic with economic uncertainty and border closures; ongoing neo-liberalisation, welfare state restructuring; digitisation and technological disruption; housing markets booms and busts; population ageing and generational change. This track provides papers that address the following issues: housing affordability and its impacts on inequality, and social advantage and disadvantage; urban sprawl and associated housing and social infrastructure needs across cities and regions; homelessness, houselessness and crisis accommodation; housing system reform, and the futures of homeownership, the private rental sector, and social and community housing sectors; social and cultural diversity (gender, age, disability, Indigeneity, ethnicity, class and others) and its implications for housing and social/care infrastructures; and transformative models of housing innovation.

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