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Review of culture and accountability in the Queensland public sector: final report

Let the sunshine in
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The subtitle, Let the sunshine in, for this final report is deliberate. It responds to widespread disaffection with the performance of governments and rising expectation that our politicians and their officials be more accountable and transparent in their dealings, and behave with integrity.

This review was prompted by a number of issues, some publicly ventilated, which together paint the picture of an integrity system under stress trying to keep check on a culture that, from the top down, is not meeting public expectations. The core of the system is its people who, overwhelmingly, seek to do a good job for the community they serve.

The review was focussed on culture and accountability in the Queensland public sector to ensure a framework that:

  • is contemporary, fit-for-purpose and future-focused;
  • is effective in supporting an ethical public sector culture;
  • is underpinned by robust systems, including complaints mechanisms and training; and
  • maintains the public’s trust in the decisions of the Queensland Government and its public sector agencies.
Editor's note

The interim report from this review, published on 21 April 2022, is also available for download.

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