Family, domestic and sexual violence is a national crisis in Australia. The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010 – 2022 was released in February 2011, following a consultative effort by the Commonwealth Government, in collaboration with Australian State and Territory Governments, and a shared commitment to drive improved responses to, and prevention of, all forms of violence against women.

The National Plan represents the overarching strategy to address family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia. Over this 12-year period, the implementation of the National Plan has been guided by the priorities and actions set out in four three-year Action Plans. The Commonwealth Government has committed to the development and delivery of a new National Plan to end violence against women and children (next National Plan) to frame the Government’s priorities and approach to eliminate gender-based violence in Australia.

In April 2021 the Department of Social Services (DSS), in partnership with the Office for Women, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OFW), released a Consultation Guide to frame the consultation process that would inform the development of the next National Plan. The Consultation Guide presented six principles underpinning the Government’s commitment in this space, as well as a draft framework for Australia’s National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children. In May 2021, shortly following the release of the Consultation Guide, DSS contracted the Monash Consultation Team to undertake key elements of the Australian Government’s consultation.

This report presents the key themes, findings and recommendations from each stage of the consultation. It aims to inform the development, implementation, governance and impact measurement of the next National Plan. The report is forward facing. The consultation was not focused on reviewing the previous National Plan or reflecting on its strengths or weaknesses, as the methodology details. This report does not provide an evaluation of what has been achieved under the term of the current National Plan, nor does it review the current response system and prevention of family, domestic and sexual violence across Australia. This report provides an overarching account of the views of those consulted - representing the diverse perspectives on how the next National Plan must be developed, implemented, governed and measured to provide the most effective effort towards ending all forms of family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia.

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