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Accelerating EV uptake: policies to realise Australia's electric vehicle potential

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The global shift to electric vehicles (EVs) is well underway, but Australia’s EV uptake lags behind this trend. In 2021, just two per cent of cars sold in Australia were EVs, despite half of all Australians seeing their next car purchase as an EV. The major barrier to uptake is low EV supply to Australia.

The first step to unlock supply is setting fuel efficiency standards. These standards need to be competitive in the global EV market where EVs are prioritised for markets with strong standards.

This report sets out steps to accelerate and support Australia’s EV transition, starting by addressing supply. Section one of the report outlines how Australia is tracking against EV uptake globally and against existing targets. Section two focuses on the critical component of supply and policies to increase the number of EVs coming into Australia. Finally, section three sets out how supply policies fit within a broader EV policy package designed to set up a smooth transition to a zero-emissions future.

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