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Accelerating local electric vehicle uptake where it matters

Decarbonisation Emissions reduction Carbon emissions Regulatory standards Electric vehicles Australia

Decarbonisation is at the top of the list of issues and opportunities for both private and public sector executives. It is now an organisational responsibility and social imperative to act on climate outcomes to achieve our net zero ambitions (along with imminent Commonwealth Government legislation in this space). Vehicles play an important role in terms of contribution to total emissions. As of 2021, almost one fifth of Australia’s carbon emissions came from transportation-related activities.

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent a key pillar in the push towards decarbonisation and governments across Australia are enacting measures to increase the adoption of EVs as part of their net zero action plans. When used in combination with renewable energy, EVs are critical in helping reduce Australia’s carbon footprint.

This report aims to contribute to the discussion of EV policy design and implementation going forward by raising awareness of the potential shortfalls and spatial and geographic inequalities present in some of the current policy frameworks. It provides both private and public sectors with new insights into how geographically targeted analysis can better inform the design of policies and social interventions/assistance to address key barriers to EV uptake such as commuting patterns, older vehicle location and social disadvantage may assist a more seamless transition towards net zero.

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