This inquiry is examining the ways in which the combination of work and care responsibilities is impacting on the lives and wellbeing of Australians. In doing so, the committee recognises that there are many other factors which can contribute to the outcomes for working carers—including their income and security of employment, their place of residence, their personal characteristics, the nature of the surrounding community, and family circumstances.

The committee has found so far that Australia’s work and care system is no longer fit for purpose given the make-up of our workforce and the economic challenges Australia faces, especially as we recover from the pandemic and learn its lessons for our work and care system. The current system is not addressing gender inequality challenges, and it particularly disadvantages some population groups.

The purpose of this interim report is to outline the current context and reality for working carers, and to explain the legislative framework and current supporting arrangements for those negotiating work and care responsibilities across Australia.

This report concludes by putting forward the committee’s views and recommendations in key areas where immediate reform is needed. This includes the workplace relations system, the lifting of wages in the care sector, and the imbedding of flexibility in the employment framework.

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