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Technical report
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Survey on the likely prevalence of telework in Greater Sydney: summary of results for Sydney Water

Flexible work Home-based work Quality of work life Labour force productivity Sydney

This is a technical report that describes a summary of survey results in a project completed by Swinburne University of Technology in a project with Sydney Water on the topic of Working from Home. The survey was administered in Greater Sydney in late 2021 just as the lock-downs were ending and explored topics relevant to the social psychology of the choice to work from home, urban planning, and water planning. Key findings include:

  • Attitudes towards working from home changed very significantly and became much more positive due to experiences during lock-downs
  • Subjective norms are likewise very positive, but a small number of primarily senior managers are less positive about the practice
  • Widespread benefits of the practice are reported, especially in relation to work-life balance and reduced stress, although for a small number of workers, there are some issues with maintaining schedules, contact with co-workers and over-work
  • Residential water demand is likely to change from more peak hour (and night time) demand, and instead occur more evenly throughout the day


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