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Guidelines for the targeted recruitment of people with disability

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More than 4 million people in Australia have a disability, yet this significant part of the population is being left behind in the labour market.

Employers can do far more to tap into the talents and expertise of this diverse group. If we work together to address the employment gap, everybody benefits. The benefits of improving employment opportunities for people with disability are clear with individuals, businesses, society and the economy all benefiting.

To achieve the full benefits, a multi-faceted focus on the recruitment, retention and advancement of employees with disability is critical to achieving strong employment outcomes for individuals, employers and the community as a whole.

The guidelines provide general guidance to employers on designing and documenting targeted recruitment strategies. The guidelines also provide guidance about meeting the requirements of a ‘special measure’ under federal, state and territory anti-discrimination laws, including on the practical steps employers can take to implement a targeted recruitment strategy as a ‘special measure’.

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