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This report presents two key advances in social science-led qualitative foresighting for the energy industry.

New foresighting concepts, which use tested theory and research about social and technological futures to revise assumptions about future consumers.

New foresights designed to address three key areas of focus at the intersection of energy futures, and emerging automated systems and technologies:

  1. Electric vehicles and battery charging in local neighbourhoods (near futures, 2027)
  2. Comfort, care, and safety in the home and the rise of emerging air technologies (near futures, 2025-2030)
  3. The reconfiguration of routines and load shifting in response to extreme weather (far futures, 2050)

The report is the outcome of the fourth stage of the Digital Energy Futures project. It is based on the findings of 10 design ethnographic futures workshops with 42 people and ethnographic research with 72 households across Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.

The research is also supplemented by consumer survey data and several analyses of energy and digital technology industry reports.

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