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Unlocking potential: addressing the economic participation of migrants and refugee women in Australia

Women economic conditions Women and employment Labour force participation Skilled migration Migrants Refugees Australia

This policy brief draws on research, Untapped potential: trends and disparities in the economic participation of migrant and refugee women in Australia, commissioned by Settlement Services International (SSI) and carried out by researchers at National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM), to develop a more robust evidence base to guide progress towards unlocking the economic potential of migrant and refugee women.

Broadly, the research indicates that refugee women and migrant women from low- and middle-income countries (i.e. non-OECD countries) are lagging behind other women in the Australian labour market, despite their relatively high level of skills, qualifications and motivation to work. Census data of labour market indicators shows that the proportion of overseas-born women in employment is lower, and unemployment generally higher, than for Australian-born women and the participation rate (i.e., the proportion of working-age people in the labour force) is lower for women born overseas. This highlights the need for a more targeted policy focus at Federal, State and Territory levels on improving economic participation and outcomes for these cohorts of women.

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