Enrolment, attendance and participation policy

9 May 2012

The Enrolment, attendance and particpation policy should be read in conjunction with School enrolment procedures, School attendance procedures, Tasmanian academy procedure for student enrolments and Tasmanian polytechnic procedure for student enrolments policies. This policy pertains to the implementation of legislation relating to enrolment and attendance in the Tasmanian state government education sector.

Relevant legislation consists of the Education Act 1994 (the Education Act), the Youth Participation in Education and Training (Guaranteeing Futures) Act (the YPETGF Act) 2005, the Education and Training (Tasmanian Academy) Act (the ETTA Act) 2008 and the Education and Training (Tasmanian Polytechnic) Act (the ETTP Act) 2008. This policy is designed to clarify the legal responsabilities of parents and guardians as expressed in the acts.

It is essential that teachers in Tasmanian state schools comply with this policy and associated procedures and guidelines. It is a legal requirement that parents ensure their children are both enrolled in and attend a registered and approved education program. Social workers may assist in cases of non-attendance in accordance with this policy and its associated procedures and guidelines.

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