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How can Community Land Trusts provide accessible and stable tenure options for Indigenous Australians?

23 Mar 2012

Key points:

  • A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a not-for-profit corporation that purchases or leases land and removes it from the private market. While there is diversity among CLT models they all allow households to buy into the Trust and enter affordable tenures including home ownership.
  • Community Land Trusts are an innovative mechanism that can work in the context of mainstream land tenure to enhance tenure choices and support Indigenous land ownership aspirations and values.
  • Three CLT operating models are identified as workable in Australia. Each can provide affordability, modest equity gain to households and involvement of multiple stakeholders in stewardship, however, the operational implications for each vary greatly.
  • In order to initiate and maintain successful operation of CLTs in Australia, policy and program implications will need to be acknowledged regarding economic development, legal mechanisms, financing, public subsidy and government assistance.

This bulletin is based on research conducted by Dr Louise Crabtree, Professor Vivienne Milligan, Dr Hazel Blunden, Professor Peter Phibbs and Professor Carolyn Sappideen.

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