India-China relations: how can they be improved?

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In recent years, India-China relations have maintained a good momentum in their development, with co-operation the key factor. The two sides have sought to continue raising the level of mutual political trust and promote the in-depth development of bilateral co-operation. The current situation suggests that co-operation between the two countries has mainly focussed on economic areas of interest, although pragmatic co-operation has also been gradually promoted in the areas of politics, boundary negotiation and non-traditional security.

Key points

  • China and India have achieved tremendous progress in multi-sector co-operation.
  • Notwithstanding that progress, challenges still exist in the bilateral relationship, however. This includes economic constraints, border disputes and perception problems.
  • Difficulties aside, the two countries’ common interests provide the bases for a brighter future for India-China relations.
  • The recommendations listed at the end of this section are tangible measures that can help to improve the bilateral relationship and should be adopted.
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