Drug and alcohol research in the 21st century: critical issues and new directions

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Teenagers whose parents supply alcohol in early adolescence are three times as likely to be drinking full serves of alcohol at age 16 as children in families that do not supply alcohol, according to this collection of studies.

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Many health care systems around the world fail to make substance use disorder treatment sufficiently available, fail to ensure that what treatment is provided is of high quality, or both. Public policy -- for example in the U.S. under President Obama -- has thus attempted to improve both the quantity and quality of substance use disorder treatment. So far, it has proven easier to expand quantity than quality. The former is in many ways a function of resources, whereas the latter requires an understanding of how and why treatment works and how organizations change, which is often lacking. This presentation will examine these issues as they have evolved in several developed countries, with a focus on the research evidence regarding which policies have proven effective and which have not.



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