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Australia’s record long stretch of uninterrupted economic growth has not been by chance but by design. To continue experiencing economic growth, and opportunities for all Australians, requires the nation to become more innovative, more competitive, and to better equip and engage its workers. This growth agenda outlines the major reforms that will position the nation to capitalise on the rapidly changing global economy.

Specifically, a growth agenda for the Australian economy will involve:

• An innovation agenda that helps position Australia on the technological frontier;

• A National Productivity Policy to address unfinished reform and to remove inefficiencies from Australia’s economy;

• An education strategy to improve the outcomes for all students and ensure that funds are spent well;

• A workforce plan to improve the economic engagement of all segments of society; and

• Sensibly trying to respond to and mitigate climate change.

The recommendations contained in this report address the most pressing challenges facing Australia, and the most glaring deficiencies in the nation’s economic structures. Identifying the problems in Australia, and even detailing potential solutions, is the easy part of the challenge. The difficult part is driving reform forward. However, without a substantial growth agenda, Australia will not capitalise on the opportunities available in the global economy and the loss of these opportunities will fall most pronouncedly on the most vulnerable in society. 

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