Climate change is one of the most critical issues facing Victoria. Our Government will maximise the opportunities while minimising the adverse impacts of climate change for our state. We are taking action on climate change and demonstrating our leadership.

Victoria’s Climate Change Framework sets out:

  • our vision for Victoria in 2050 and our approach to achieving it
  • the steps the Government is taking in the period to 2020 to commence the transition (Part 1)
  • how the proposed Climate Change Act will drive action to 2050 (Part 2)
  • the transition required across the economy – and some of the challenges to be addressed – to 2050 (Part 3).

In 2015 the international community committed to keep the rise in global temperatures to well below 2°C above preindustrial levels, and to work towards limiting the rise to 1.5°C.i Global greenhouse gas emissions will need to reach net zero in the second half of the century to achieve this commitment.

Victorians want to play their part in global efforts to tackle climate change. Decisive local and global climate change action will safeguard Victoria’s economic future and maintain our competitive edge. By taking action now we will join other world leaders that are successfully reducing their emissions while also driving economic growth. The transition will deliver jobs and investment in low emissions technologies, goods and services and safeguard our status as a liveable and prosperous place. We will ensure all Victorians benefit from the transition and that we have a secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply.

By sharing our experience and the technologies and services that we develop as Victoria transitions to a net zero emissions economy and society, we will support other countries around the world to reduce their emissions, and create new opportunities for economic and jobs growth.

 If Victoria is to benefit from the global transition to a net zero emissions future, we need to invest and develop low emissions services, industries and technologies now. We cannot wait for the Australian Government to take strong action.

Climate change is already happening and we are all familiar with the impacts here in Victoria. Globally we have already locked in a level of climate change. We have to prepare for more change, as we will collectively need to live with these unavoidable impacts. We know that any additional warming, even by half a degree, will adversely impact Victoria’s economy, environment, community health and cultural heritage. By adapting to climate change we can minimise the risks and realise the economic benefits of being climate ready, including innovative new services and technologies.

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