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Generation stalled: young, underemployed and living precariously in Australia

27 Mar 2017

Increasingly, unemployment rates tell only part of the story of young people’s jobs challenge. Underemployment, at 18 per cent of the nation’s youth labour force, is the highest in the 40 years since the ABS count officially began. And unemployment – at 13.5 per cent for 15–24 year olds – has remained stubbornly high since the global financial crisis cast its long shadow, according to the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s latest data analysis.

Young Australians today confront a harsher job scenario than their parents or grandparents did. More than 650,000 young people were unemployed or underemployed – defined as having some work but wanting more hours – in February 2017. Young people now are also far more likely to be in casual and part-time jobs than at the beginning of the millennium.

This report for the Brotherhood’s Youth Unemployment Monitor provides a snapshot of key changes in the labour market that affect young Australians


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